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  2. Nicely put, Cheers! Besst Essay writing do i dare disturb the universe
  3. Niceloy put, Cheers! Best Essay writing do i dare disturb tthe universe
  4. The release of Watch Dogs: Legion is just around the corner. Until then, we're bringing you Update 1.2 of Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook! This updates includes some new, incredibly helpful lua scripting functions to interact with nearby entities. There finally is a way to get a list of nearby entities! Yes, it sounds mundane, but previously there was no integrated way of doing such a thing in the game's scripting engine. We can't wait to see what you will create with these new functions! Changelog Vehicles: Change license plate, move vehicle model parts, toggle individual lights/siren Set all traffic lights at once Lua scripting: Added ScriptHook.GetEntitiesInRange(), .GetEntitiesWithComponent(), .GetEntityClassName(), .GetEntityComponents(), .EntityHasComponent(), UI.SimpleTextInput() Replaced ScriptHook.RepairLocalPlayerVehicle() with ScriptHook.RepairVehicle() Added Script:OnRender callback for drawing onto the screen + related drawing methods Fix trainer menu on high-DPI screens Crash fixes Download & Installation As usual, the installation or update process of WD2SH is as simple as possible: Download HERE Alternatively: Download ZIP Install Done! If you find any bugs, or want to submit general feedback, feel free to do so on our Discord Server!
  5. (Sorry for the double-post, I couldn't find an edit button for some reasons?). I found this in the Discord's history (11/03/2017), thought it would be useful: So if I understand correctly, Sitara gets her own grunts/voices/configs from humanconfig (thus why she doesn't float above the ground, her ID is coded as such), same for Wrench. As a bonus, making a proper "swap to Sitara" feature would kill two birds with one stone: assuming it's a toggle in the trainer that activate her voice, skeleton & model, using the regular swap character model ontop of this feature would solve every other female characters floating above ground when Marcus is swapped to a female skin directly... Since we would actually be using a functional female non-floating Sitara as a base for the swap. Cheers. ♪
  6. Hi there, I'm extremely happy to have discovered this forum and Scripthook for WD2. Scripthook and native trainers are really my kind of jam, so thank you for taking the time to develop one for WD2. With that said, one of the thing I always wanted in WD2 was a proper Play as feature. Now I have no idea how it works for the last mission (motherload) in which you play as Sitara and Wrech, but I'd like similar results. Right now when I swap model, Sitara floats and she has Marcus' grunt, none of which happens during the mission. I feel simply swapping the character's model is more like a diguise than proper character swap. So basically: the play as feature used during Motherload expanded to free roam. With that said, here are other ideas that could be fun too: Infinite timer, no mission boundaries, no out of bound timer. A big thank you ♥
  7. yeah I can get the game to launch by copying steam files from main dir to scripthook/data folder but I cant get the menu to show in game
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  9. Cheers, I value it. Best Essay writing globalization and free trade
  10. Cheers, I value it. Best Essay writing globalization and free trade
  11. So, I've been playing for a while and all of the gangs have playermodels (except for Tezcas and Prime8)! So I searched a bit and found out the best is Pablo's playermodels and the other thugs, but I want playermodels of the enforcers and others since Tezcas is truly my favorite playermodel. Could this be done?
  12. CPY version doesn't work. Can we get an update, please?
  13. script hook not work in crack mafia DE pls create special script hook
  14. I'm getting a "Unable to locate GetdfDLJoystickImport" error. And also it shows triple slash before dinput8.original. How to fix that?
  15. "Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity. What is a suspicious download? Possible suspicious activity encompasses a variety of behaviors that are commonly attributed to technical support scams, cryptojacking, browser hijacking, and other types of harmful, risky, and potentially unwanted objects." Malwarebytes usually has good reason for putting sites/links their warning list. Though i know this can happen on certain trainer/nocd sites.
  16. Hello, I wanted to report this problem, If I try to give myself a primary weapon and a secondary weapon I will just have the last weapon in the inventory, for example: I give myself a pistol and then a shotgun, the pistol will disappear and so on.
  17. For some reason I can't download it. Every time I press Download Here Page opens and closes back in second
  18. I cant download that.. i dont know why but link wont open. Please tell me how to fix it.
  19. I Cant download that.. i dont know why but link wont open. Please tell me how to fix it.
  20. Although it has been a while make sure you are using the new microsoft edge
  21. There are too few police, can more police cars be added? Similar to watchdog 2
  22. Sorry, forgot to mention: I'm playing the Steam version. The ScriptHook and Native Trainer worked fine before the title update. I disabled "Rich Discord Presence" the first time I ran the ScriptHook, so that isn't the problem.
  23. After the title update I keep getting "Unable to load library steam_api64.dll". The file is there, and I can launch the game if I uninstall the Scripthook and verify game files, but if I then install the ScriptHook again, I get the error again.
  24. Is somebody have "blue shadows" bug after install? Sometimes in a free gameplay or cutscenes i have blue and aqua color shadows, i noticed that after installing scripthook.
  25. Thank for your reply! PrintScreen : This function could be very useful to automate taking screenshots for documentation. For example a loop for SpawnProfile which takes screenshots and named capture with SpawnProfile value.
  26. Hi, thanks for your suggestions Lua errors into Log: We will take a look, thanks for reporting it! Open Log while game is running: This is fixed, will be integrated into the next release. Scrolling in console: We're currently reworking our Input Hooking, once it's done all UI elements (including the Console) will accept mouse input PrintScreen: why exactly does this have to be a Lua feature? Steam/Epic have overlays which accept a keybind for screenshots Log in custom file: Script developers are free to integrate a function like that into their script, I don't think this needs to be in the built-in Lua files. "clear" console command: Already integrated for the next release.
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