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  3. when i press f4 - f1 the menu doesnt pop up it emote
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  5. XxElNachosxX

    menu wont open

    yesterday the menu was working fine but today the menu wont open my game version is a legit version please halp
  6. One last time ,tell me how to bind ingameUI ,PLZ PLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZPLZ
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  8. if i try to launch it gives this little window after few seconds its just dissepears
  9. Make sure to add -eac_launcher to your launch parameters. For help, check out the wiki: https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WD2_ScriptHook:_Troubleshooting
  10. i cant open the game cause i get a EAC error :Easy anti cheat this error ist that one in the image
  11. Hello, you have the "CPY.ini" in your bin folder. You are using a cracked version, we do not support pirating games. You have to buy the game, it was even free a few weeks ago.
  12. dude whats a bin i need to uninstall this
  13. Ok I have but it in the Bin folder but the erro still comes. And sure but it`s German but I think this is not a problem. : )
  14. plz help me to bind ingameUI ,I try one hour but failed
  15. Basically, you repeat the same process over and over. You can find out the inner workings in the Trainer scripts.
  16. WOW , thx a lot and how to bind ingameUI , WorldSpawner and WorldImpostor ?
  17. Oh, I just realized that I did something wrong. The dinput8.original.dll has to go into the bin/ folder, not bin/ScriptHook/ Can you show me a screenshot of your bin folder?
  18. You add a similar key binding to the json file (call it "god" or something). Then add this to Lua, this time it's a bit more lines: ScriptHook.RegisterKeyHandler("god", function() local on = not Script().StateWatcher:GetState("god") local playerid = GetLocalPlayerEntityId() Script().StateWatcher:SetState("god", on) if on then ActivateInvincibility(playerid) SetPawnImmuneToDeath(playerid, 1) else RemoveInvincibility(playerid) SetPawnImmuneToDeath(playerid, 0) end end)
  19. I have done this but still the same erro gomes. And actually it was clear to me that the dinput8.dll was the one from ScripHook I just wanted to test what happens then . You know what I mean?
  20. thx ,it works and how to bind godmode?
  21. Yes, the menu can be opened using F4. dinput8.dll - Keep this one from ScriptHook Copy system32\dinput8.dll as dinput8.original.dll to the ScriptHook folder
  22. Hey Thanks for your answer. dinput8.dll exists there and I have copyed it like you said. But it still not work but when I dont rename it it works fine but then I can't open the Menu. I open the MEnu with F1 or F4 right?
  23. You forgot a comma after the "menu: "F4" line
  24. Please check the given path if dinput8.dll exists there. If it does, please copy it to your game's bin directory as "dinput8.original.dll".
  25. Hello I have the following problem if I have installed ScripHook, Watch Dog 2 can not be opened anymore it comes the error message you see in the picture. I have installed the game per Uplay if it help you. It would be very nice if you could help me your Kanemee
  26. so were basically hacking a game about hacking?? thats amazing.
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