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  2. What I thought of this like you can lay down on a bed like in the hq when you can sleep and sit like during one of the best invite mission
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  4. How does the discord feature? Btw amazing work with the mod!
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    Development Blog 9 - ScriptHook 1.1

    HELP f1 nor f4 dose anything
  6. I cant open the menu even if I press F4 or F1..
  7. Hello everyone! ScriptHook 1.1 released We are very proud to announce Version 1.1 of ScriptHook. The following changes are included: Added menu before the game launches (config options can be changed from here) Added update check Trainer: Added Power Glitch & Blackout menu Trainer: Added Affiliation & Relationships menu Trainer: Added World Loading Units loader (aka. Interiors) Trainer: Added option to open game's clothing menu everywhere Trainer: Restructured Clothing & Teleport menus Trainer: Added Reset Option to Media Broadcasts Lua: Added UISimpleMenu:SetEntryText Fixed various crashes (startup, discord rich presence, world boundary, vehicle repair) Fixed a crash when game's Lua scripting system reports an error Fixed installer sometimes wanting to restart the computer Download The Installation process of WD2SH is dead-simple: Download Installer HERE or Download ZIP instead Install Done, start the Game Find out more here about the installation process and if you run into an EAC issue, check out a workaround here. We want your feedback. There are still a lot of things to improve - and still a lot of potential for new features. You can use this forums, Discord or contact us directly if you have any issues or suggestions. Videos
  8. As you have requested, we've implemented this feature for version 1.1 now. We hope you like it
  9. Hey there, Thanks for downloading WD2: ScriptHook. However we cannot provide support for pirated versions of the game. The only officially supported ones are from Steam, Epic Games or uPlay.
  10. i have torrent version of watch dogs 2 and it crashes my after i starting it please help! plz
  11. What botton do u click to open the menu
  12. is this really approved by Ubisoft, and where can i find, that it is approved by Ubisoft on their website
  13. Very nice script just he lack sitara in clothes mods=\
  14. So what this software does wgat i need o download?
  15. If you encourter any issues, check out https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WD2_ScriptHook:_Troubleshooting
  16. I have a problem. I cant play this game after downloading this mod (just classic uplay error about game crash)
  17. We like this idea a lot. We will investigate this later.
  18. Nothing happens when I open the installer no smart screen comes up but windows installer does show in the task manager
  19. I wanted to check out in detail Nudle Server Farm, but when you're not in mission, the server farm is missing tons of assets and has very buggy lightning. Are there plans for implementing interior loader in WD2 Script Hook?
  20. This is already implemented under Player -> Clothes
  21. There is uinstaller in the bin folder.
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