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  2. i need help im using ubisoft connect and the watch dogs can't start and error. the error say msvcp_win.dll is missing from your computer and the scripthook say failed to load scripthook. i already find the way how to fix this on youtube but the always error. another error say api-ms-win blablablabla is missing from your computer i fix it again from youtube but another error keep showing i already have so many visual c++ i need help dude
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  4. erick_mendi

    First Person?

    Hi! First I want to thank u for this, its insane. But I was thinking if someone could make first person possible?
  5. All support spawning items and animals and vehicles, why is there no spawning NPC?
  6. Lovely day everyone! Today is the day - Legion ScriptHook is finally released and available for download You can find instructions on how to download and install the modification here: For script developers, we added the relevant Lua documentation to NomadDB: https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WDL_Scripting If you want to contribute to the Wiki, send one of our mods a DM and we will add you to the wiki as a contributor. You can use the Nomad Forums or our Discord server to ask general questions, provide feedback and criticism, suggest new features or even ask scripting-related questions. Be sure to follow our other social media channels to always be up to date with the current state of our mods! Discord Youtube Twitter Spread the word!
  7. Yes, it would be very interesting if there is a spawning function, spawning gang war
  8. 可以产生NPC吗?
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  10. Hello everyone! Today we're dropping our official trailer for Legion ScriptHook’s Trainer. Flying around? Spawning vehicles? Change traffic, weather, time? - It's about time you experience London without limits. We are also excited to share with you the official release date for ScriptHook: 14th April 2021. In the meantime, make sure to check out our socials for daily updates and some more sneak peeks Discord Youtube Twitter You still have the opportunity to sign up for the Early Access Testers program to be one of the first to try out Legion SchriptHook! Make sure to sign up before April 11th to get the chance of claiming an early access tester spot!
  11. Hello everyone! Today we are excited to announce our next project: ScriptHook for Watch Dogs: Legion. Legion ScriptHook comes with a feature-rich Trainer which allows you to experience London in entirely new ways. If you’ve used our WD2 ScriptHook, you can imagine the mayhem that is about to overrun London. The included scripting engine allows you to create and run fully custom scripts which can interact with the UI, the map and objects within it, allowing DedSec members to create their fully custom, never-before-seen in-game experiences. Additionally, just as our previous project, WD2 ScriptHook, Legion ScriptHook is officially approved by Ubisoft! Be sure to keep a close look on our social media during the next few days, as we will drop the announcement trailer tomorrow as well as posting more information about Legion ScriptHook and the features we have prepared for you! Discord Youtube Twitter In the meantime, if you want to be one of the very first to try out Legion ScriptHook, you can apply for our exclusive Early Access Testers Program here: Early Access Enrollment Form (Google Docs) Stay Tuned, DedSec Members!
  12. I just uploaded the mod on this website too. You can find more info and the download link for the mod down below. A full changelog of what the mod does can be found in the RAR file.
  13. Version 2.5.0


    The latest version of the Police and Faction overhaul mod. If you don't know what this mod does, I included a full changelog in the RAR file. Some of the main things that come to mind though are: - The FBI now shows up during prolongued heat 5 chases, including Grenadiers and Jammer enemies which normally only show up in missions. - Additional weapons have been distributed amongst the police and gangs, including some of the unused WD1 ones such as the MP5 and 416. - The entire heat level system has been changed up, it now takes longer for heat levels to go up but each individual level will get more difficult as you retaliate against law enforcement. - A lot of the Umeni and law enforcement NPCs have seen changes made to their outfits and police cars and stations have received some new textures. - Searches now last longer, cover a wider area and have more roadblocks but the cops themselves have less 6th sense compared to the original game. Police and Faction Overhaul v2.5.rar
  14. How to activate the mod in game?
  15. Hi, the menu scal e is taken from Windows settings. If you want the menu to appear smaller, you'll have to adjust your screen scale. Settings -> System -> Display If you change it to 100%, it will have the optimal size for 1920x1080.
  16. Hello, today I was wondering if you could adjust the size of the menu without adjusting the resolution of the game! I installed the menu for the first time and I noticed that the trainer menu was larger than it should be, I figured it was because I play on a TV and set the resolution to 1920x1080 for the best performance and to not make my PC fan sound like a jet engine, I set the resolution to 3840x2160 and it set the size of the trainer menu back to normal however my in-game performance tanked and my PC fan was sounding like a Boeing 747. Is there any way I can adjust the menu size without adjusting the in-game resolution? Thanks.
  17. https://gyazo.com/8ff66e722bad46271816a5239f94ec55
  18. I've been enjoying this trainer but I have some ideas for the menu that would make it really nice. - Infinite botnet (Makes the botnet power never decrease) - Teleport to waypoint (Lets us teleport to a waypoint we select on the map) - Disable World border (Removes the world border making us have the ability to go past the bay area)
  19. Guys , F4 Menu don't work on Last Steam version ... It works only at old patch .. Not now on Last . Any other scripts also don't open F4 Menu ( early at old patch , copy "MafiaDE Scripthook Hotkeys" and other scripts fix that trouble & Menu F4 was open fine ) – but NOT NOW :(
  20. May I know how to bind the keys to toggle the HUD and Player visibility? I would like to bind F5 and F6 to hide the player and HUD respectively with ease without going to trainer menu everytime. I don't know much about scripting, but if there's a text that I need to copy or input into the config file, I would love to know what is the line and it would be appreciate for a help.
  21. Evertime I try using the NOMAD Scripthook in story mode, the cutscene lighting gets ruined on the ingame-rendered cutscenes. This is how it looks at the beginning of The Death of Art: https://imgur.com/a/ZNSzPml My specs: https://i.gyazo.com/91b9658e9725de7c518c7f166ac10978.png
  22. Please add "Unlock All" so we can gain everything with one single click! (It may cause crash so people should wait till everything given one by one.)
  23. I know this isn't in the trainer, but the code for this is: ChangePlayerGkModelFromHumanConfigAndVoiceActor("HumanConfig.9223372049751415851", "dialogactors.dialogactors.sitara") ChangePlayerGkModelFromHumanConfigAndVoiceActor("HumanConfig.9223372050789760492", "dialogactors.dialogactors.wrench") You could just edit the trainer and add one of those to the menu. Or just use this edited file here: Go to WATCH_DOGS2\bin\ScriptHook\data\scripts\trainer\menu Replace clothing.lua with this one. Clothing.lua
  24. when i try to start a a mission the game randomly crashes i already did some missions with the menu installed but i canrt do this one its not an online mission and i bought the game from steam
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