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    Over the past few months we've been hard at work planning, developing and testing the first ever Ubisoft-Approved Watch Dogs 2 Modification. And all the time and effort we have spent finally paid off, because: We at Nomad Group are excited to announce the first release of our Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook! Trainer The ScriptHook comes with a Trainer with the following features: Player: God, Ammo, Noclip, Weapons, Wanted, Clothes, Teleport, Camera Vehicle: Spawn, Spider Tank, Repair Inventory: Give items, drone & toycar management Environment: Time, Time Scale, Weather, World Spawner, Media Broadcasts, Clone Entities and much more yet to come! Download & Installation The Installation process of WD2SH is dead-simple: Download HERE Install Done, start the Game Find out more here about the installion process and if you run into an EAC issue, check out a workaround here. From modders, for modders As we have already described in our previous Dev Blog, users can extended the game with custom scripts. We've already started setting up a Wiki in an effort to document every available scripting function in the game - next to our custom ones - over at https://db.nomad-group.net/. As there are loads and loads of functions available, the wiki is nowhere near complete yet, so if you know something that's not documented yet or find something to improve, please let us know! Read more about Contributing here. Quick overview to get modders started Official Ubisoft support Again, HUGE thanks to Ubisoft for the cooperation and allowing us to work on projects like this without having to worry about legal uncertainty. Without their open-minded support this mod would not exist. We can't stress enough how grateful we are to be able to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thank you. Another big thanks goes out to our Early Access testers who gave lots of feedback and ideas around bugs and features. Without them we wouldn't have been able to test the mod on a wide range of hardware combinations, ensuring that everything will run as smooth as possible on launch. However, as with every piece of software, there are always bugs and issues that haven't been caught before release, so if you find something you think isn't quite right - let us know and we'll have a look! However, all that doesn't mean we're done here. There are still some things to iron out, bugs to squash and lots fun ideas we want to implement. We will continue to offer support and push out new updates for Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook throughout the coming months. Happy Hacking everyone! - NOMAD Group
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    Thank you for the suggestion. I can't promise we'll implement customizable traits for operatives, but we'll definetly take a closer look as this has been asked a lot recently
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    Pretty simple mod, giving some nice touches to the game itself, even if they aren't that noticable. More info and DL here:
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    Version 1.0.0


    So first of all, big thanks to Deebz_ for letting me use his E3 nights mod to go along with this one. The mod itself doesn't change the lighting or anything but its mostly engine related stuff (shadow position, sun position, etc). In order to see the E3 water reflections, turn off screenspace reflections. Installations is as simple as can be, put patch3.dat n .fat in data_win64 in your WD2 folder. Provided loose files given you want to merge it with another mod.
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    Removes the mask from Marcus For me I thought the mask was more Aiden's thing, it didn't really fit Marcus for me, so I removed it. This also removes the animations of Marcus pulling his mask up or taking it off, so it's pretty much like it was never there. (Marcus looks strange in the intro cutscene because his face animation was changed to fit the mask)
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    Hey folks! We are very happy that you decided to give a try on our Watch_Dogs2: Scripthook I'm going to help you from installing it to playing with the trainer. 1. Downloading The first thing to do is obviously to download the mod itself To proceed, please click on this link 2. Running the installer Windows SmartScreen is going to be quite sad about our installer, this is because we don't have code signing certificate (yet). I can promise, it's 100% virus free so just pass over and click on "Execute" like in the following screen (sorry it's in baguette) Then Windows is going to ask you about the permission to install or not, just proceed. 3. Configuring the games path The next (important) step is to fill in the games directory path, Watch_Dogs2 : Scripthook is intended to be installed on the game's directory directly. It should auto detect it, if not you still have the option to manually enter it. 4. Accepting the license That's the MOST important step, no joke, you have to accept our license 5. Running the game The only required thing to access the ScriptHook features it to run the game, smart move no? We are hooking the DirectInput DLL to run the mod itself without specific action If everythings worked you should finally have the following screen with a message stating that Multiplayer Capabilities are disabled while using the ScriptHook (no cheats allowed, sorry folks) That's all! You can either activate the console by using F1 or the default trainer with F4. Enjoy your new playground and feel free to share feedbacks with your beloved modding team

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