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  1. Hi yn63, thanks for getting in touch and thanks for your kind words We're working on the compatibility for the latest update and aim to provide it soon. Make sure to checkout our Discord to get notified right away when the ScriptHook update is out
  2. Lovely day everyone! Today is the day - Legion ScriptHook is finally released and available for download You can find instructions on how to download and install the modification here: For script developers, we added the relevant Lua documentation to NomadDB: https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WDL_Scripting If you want to contribute to the Wiki, send one of our mods a DM and we will add you to the wiki as a contributor. You can use the Nomad Forums or our Discord server to ask general questions, provide feedback and criticism, suggest new features or even ask scripting-related questions. Be sure to follow our other social media channels to always be up to date with the current state of our mods! Discord Youtube Twitter Spread the word!
  3. Hello everyone! Today we're dropping our official trailer for Legion ScriptHook’s Trainer. Flying around? Spawning vehicles? Change traffic, weather, time? - It's about time you experience London without limits. We are also excited to share with you the official release date for ScriptHook: 14th April 2021. In the meantime, make sure to check out our socials for daily updates and some more sneak peeks Discord Youtube Twitter You still have the opportunity to sign up for the Early Access Testers program to be one of the first to try out Legion SchriptHook! Make sure to sign up before April 11th to get the chance of claiming an early access tester spot!
  4. Hello everyone! Today we are excited to announce our next project: ScriptHook for Watch Dogs: Legion. Legion ScriptHook comes with a feature-rich Trainer which allows you to experience London in entirely new ways. If you’ve used our WD2 ScriptHook, you can imagine the mayhem that is about to overrun London. The included scripting engine allows you to create and run fully custom scripts which can interact with the UI, the map and objects within it, allowing DedSec members to create their fully custom, never-before-seen in-game experiences. Additionally, just as our previous project, WD2 ScriptHook, Legion ScriptHook is officially approved by Ubisoft! Be sure to keep a close look on our social media during the next few days, as we will drop the announcement trailer tomorrow as well as posting more information about Legion ScriptHook and the features we have prepared for you! Discord Youtube Twitter In the meantime, if you want to be one of the very first to try out Legion ScriptHook, you can apply for our exclusive Early Access Testers Program here: Early Access Enrollment Form (Google Docs) Stay Tuned, DedSec Members!
  5. Hey, sorry for the inconveniences. We've detected an issue and resolved it. The download links should work again! Installer: https://links.nomad-group.net/mdesh-release ZIP: https://links.nomad-group.net/mdesh-release-zip Please let us know if it works for you now
  6. Welcome to our second Development Blog entry! Sadly a bit later than intended - but we still deliver! There has been quite some progress this week, many of it on NomadFX which we introduced in our first Dev Blog entry and forms the foundation for all of our future projects. First and foremost the custom renderer system used by NomadFX has now been implemented and is able to make use of DirectX 11 and 9; support for DirectX 12 is planned down the road, however it’s not a high priority right now. The renderer is now able to draw custom geometry, textures and text into a window. Additionally CEF (Chrome Embedded Framework) has been integrated to work with the new renderer which means we’re now able to draw entire websites - just as an example, here is Google’s homepage rendered using CEF inside NomadFX: This is an important achievement since our custom UI, NomadFX UI, will be built using modern web technologies. Similarly to NomadFX, NomadFX UI will act as a centralized framework for all the custom UIs powering our mods. This week we began setting up the architectural base which will allow each game to expand upon the base framework with individually customized components and styles to fit the game’s needs. Again this is done to prevent each game shipping with its own ever so slightly implementation of the same thing which will be hard to maintain and update in the long run. A first prototype implementation of NomadFX UI should be ready within the next few weeks. There has also been progress on supporting UWP titles (Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft Store apps) to be hosted through NomadFX. Furthermore we’ve done some behind-the-scenes improvements to components such as the logger and tested an experimental performance profiler implementation which will helpfully allow us catch performance issues as soon as possible before they affect anyone. Lastly we’ve made some changes to our internal Nomad Infrastructure and updated our servers to run without issues. In the future those will be used to run automated builds and tests on our code to help us catch bugs faster. This has been an overview of the progress we’ve made this (well, last) week. We’re constantly working on NomadFX in preparation for updates to current and upcoming projects. As a closing bonus image, here’s a very early and broken implementation of CEF - not everything works first try and some things take longer to fix than others. However, as you can see above it’s working without issues now.
  7. Welcome to our first development blog on our new forum! Our plan is to publish a new Dev Blog every week in which we’ll summarize everything new and interesting that happened regarding the state and development of our projects and mods. As many of you might have noticed we’ve been a lot more quiet recently. Part of this is due to many team members being busy with real life. We have not been completely off the radar though - in fact, loads of progress has been done in the past few weeks! We have been hard at work developing NomadFX. The reason we haven’t talked much about it yet is because at its current state there is nothing really to see for the normal user. Under the hood however NomadFX is incredibly important for us and all of our projects. What is NomadFX NomadFX will be the foundation that all of the mods created by NOMAD Group will be built upon. It is a framework that bundles all of the duplicate code we have had across all our projects into one common module which all current and future mods can and will use. This avoids us having to reinvent the wheel for every new game and avoids copy-pasting the same code over and over again. For instance, we’ve had different implementations of CEF (Chrome Embedded Framework, which powers all of our custom UIs) in every of our mods such as WD2MP and M2Plus. The same issue applied for rendering, networking, scripting and so forth. This was not easy to maintain in the long run. Having a centralized framework offers the advantage of one proper and working implementation of a specific feature which we can use across our projects instead of hacking together a new system every time. It also allows us to simply patch one piece of code that’s used across all games instead of having to find and patch every different implementation and hack one by one in every single game, which takes time that could be spent working on something more important and exciting. That means every time you see us working on NomadFX you basically see us working on all of our projects at once! All of the code contributed to NomadFX benefits and is used by all of our current and future projects, and the time saved by using a central framework can be used to create better mods. Progress so far Our main priority right now is developing NomadFX by extracting all duplicate code from our projects. This will not change anything related to gameplay or user-facing features, on the surface everything will stay as it is, however as already mentioned the transition will help us cut down development time drastically in the future. In the past few weeks we’ve made great progress on implementing a custom renderer system which allows us (on a basic level) to render our own stuff into the game’s window. We have also started working on our own UI backed by CEF. This is accompanied by a new and improved window and input system. NomadFX will also be responsible for handling custom file system interaction, for example to override and load custom files. Further improvements have been made to how we interact with Uplay. NomadFX has reached a stage at which we are able to start transitioning the base architecture of M2Plus over to the new framework. This goes along with slight changes to how we build and ship our mods. Other projects will soon follow the transition. Outlook We hope that we could clear up some of the questions and concerns we’ve faced over the past months. NomadFX will initially take up much of our development time but it will pay off in the future. This however also means that it will still take some time until we push new public builds to mods such as M2Plus. This has been a rather long Development Blog; not every blog entry will be this long. As already mentioned in the introduction we don’t always have time to work on our projects, progress changes from week to weeks, sometimes more interesting, sometimes less. From now on we will try to publish a summary of everything that happened at the end of each week in order to clear up some of the public uncertainty regarding our projects.

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