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  1. Thank for your reply! PrintScreen : This function could be very useful to automate taking screenshots for documentation. For example a loop for SpawnProfile which takes screenshots and named capture with SpawnProfile value.
  2. Log in custom file I make my own, could be added to globals (in lua/main.lua)? function printToFile(filename, ...) local file = io.open(filename, "a") local result = "" for i, v in ipairs(arg) do result = result .. tostring(v) if i ~= #arg then result = result .. "\t" end end file:write(result .. "\n") file:close() end
  3. Hello, Some ScriptHook features that I definively need in order of priority: Dump Lua stack in log file Currently, Lua errors are not logged in any file. Could be in MPlus.log ? Be able to open MPlus.log when the game is running To view full logs without having to quit the game Scrolling in the console With PAGE_UP / PAGE_DOWN ? Print screen and save image in ScriptHook folder ScriptHook.PrintScreen(string fileName) -- if contains / (slash) consider path Log in custom file Like in previous ScriptHook printToFile(string fileName, any value, any value, ...) -- if contains / (slash) consider path Thanks!

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