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  1. (Sorry for the double-post, I couldn't find an edit button for some reasons?). I found this in the Discord's history (11/03/2017), thought it would be useful: So if I understand correctly, Sitara gets her own grunts/voices/configs from humanconfig (thus why she doesn't float above the ground, her ID is coded as such), same for Wrench. As a bonus, making a proper "swap to Sitara" feature would kill two birds with one stone: assuming it's a toggle in the trainer that activate her voice, skeleton & model, using the regular swap character model ontop of this feature would solve every other female characters floating above ground when Marcus is swapped to a female skin directly... Since we would actually be using a functional female non-floating Sitara as a base for the swap. Cheers. ♪
  2. Hi there, I'm extremely happy to have discovered this forum and Scripthook for WD2. Scripthook and native trainers are really my kind of jam, so thank you for taking the time to develop one for WD2. With that said, one of the thing I always wanted in WD2 was a proper Play as feature. Now I have no idea how it works for the last mission (motherload) in which you play as Sitara and Wrech, but I'd like similar results. Right now when I swap model, Sitara floats and she has Marcus' grunt, none of which happens during the mission. I feel simply swapping the character's model is more like a diguise than proper character swap. So basically: the play as feature used during Motherload expanded to free roam. With that said, here are other ideas that could be fun too: Infinite timer, no mission boundaries, no out of bound timer. A big thank you ♥

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