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  1. Hi, thanks for your suggestions Lua errors into Log: We will take a look, thanks for reporting it! Open Log while game is running: This is fixed, will be integrated into the next release. Scrolling in console: We're currently reworking our Input Hooking, once it's done all UI elements (including the Console) will accept mouse input PrintScreen: why exactly does this have to be a Lua feature? Steam/Epic have overlays which accept a keybind for screenshots Log in custom file: Script developers are free to integrate a function like that into their script, I don't think this needs to be in the built-in Lua files. "clear" console command: Already integrated for the next release.
  2. ScriptHook Trainer The built-in ScriptHook trainer is open-sourced and can be found here: https://github.com/Nomad-Group/mafia-de-scripthook-trainer Features Player Hacks (Godmode, Weapons Menu, Model Changer, Hide Player, Toggle Physics) HUD Customization (Toggle everything, Radar, Speedometer) Environment Customization (Weather, Traffic, Police, Water) Vehicle Tweaks (Vehicle Spawner, Nitro, Repair, Open/Close Doors, Change Color, Change License Plate Text, and more) Feedback Feel free to comment here with questions, feedback and feature requests!
  3. Make sure to add -eac_launcher to your launch parameters. For help, check out the wiki: https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WD2_ScriptHook:_Troubleshooting
  4. Basically, you repeat the same process over and over. You can find out the inner workings in the Trainer scripts.
  5. Oh, I just realized that I did something wrong. The dinput8.original.dll has to go into the bin/ folder, not bin/ScriptHook/ Can you show me a screenshot of your bin folder?
  6. You add a similar key binding to the json file (call it "god" or something). Then add this to Lua, this time it's a bit more lines: ScriptHook.RegisterKeyHandler("god", function() local on = not Script().StateWatcher:GetState("god") local playerid = GetLocalPlayerEntityId() Script().StateWatcher:SetState("god", on) if on then ActivateInvincibility(playerid) SetPawnImmuneToDeath(playerid, 1) else RemoveInvincibility(playerid) SetPawnImmuneToDeath(playerid, 0) end end)
  7. Yes, the menu can be opened using F4. dinput8.dll - Keep this one from ScriptHook Copy system32\dinput8.dll as dinput8.original.dll to the ScriptHook folder
  8. You forgot a comma after the "menu: "F4" line
  9. Please check the given path if dinput8.dll exists there. If it does, please copy it to your game's bin directory as "dinput8.original.dll".
  10. It is currently not possible to bind multiple keys (like Z+X), you can only bind to individual keys.
  11. You can paste this code to data/scripts/trainer/main.lua at the end of the file.
  12. Head over to data/scripts/trainer/manifest.json and add a new key binding: "keyBinds": { "menu": "F4", "noclip": "v" } Then, in one of the Lua files you can do the following: ScriptHook.RegisterKeyHandler("noclip", function() ScriptHook.SetLocalPlayerNoclip(not ScriptHook.HasLocalPlayerNoclip()) end)
  13. Hello everyone! ScriptHook 1.1 released We are very proud to announce Version 1.1 of ScriptHook. The following changes are included: Added menu before the game launches (config options can be changed from here) Added update check Trainer: Added Power Glitch & Blackout menu Trainer: Added Affiliation & Relationships menu Trainer: Added World Loading Units loader (aka. Interiors) Trainer: Added option to open game's clothing menu everywhere Trainer: Restructured Clothing & Teleport menus Trainer: Added Reset Option to Media Broadcasts Lua: Added UISimpleMenu:SetEntryText Fixed various crashes (startup, discord rich presence, world boundary, vehicle repair) Fixed a crash when game's Lua scripting system reports an error Fixed installer sometimes wanting to restart the computer Download The Installation process of WD2SH is dead-simple: Download Installer HERE or Download ZIP instead Install Done, start the Game Find out more here about the installation process and if you run into an EAC issue, check out a workaround here. We want your feedback. There are still a lot of things to improve - and still a lot of potential for new features. You can use this forums, Discord or contact us directly if you have any issues or suggestions. Videos
  14. If you encourter any issues, check out https://db.nomad-group.net/page/WD2_ScriptHook:_Troubleshooting

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