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  1. Hey there, Thanks for downloading WD2: ScriptHook. However we cannot provide support for pirated versions of the game. The only officially supported ones are from Steam, Epic Games or uPlay.
  2. Hey folks! We are very happy that you decided to give a try on our Watch_Dogs2: Scripthook I'm going to help you from installing it to playing with the trainer. 1. Downloading The first thing to do is obviously to download the mod itself To proceed, please click on this link 2. Running the installer Windows SmartScreen is going to be quite sad about our installer, this is because we don't have code signing certificate (yet). I can promise, it's 100% virus free so just pass over and click on "Execute" like in the following screen (sorry it's in baguette) Then Windows is going to ask you about the permission to install or not, just proceed. 3. Configuring the games path The next (important) step is to fill in the games directory path, Watch_Dogs2 : Scripthook is intended to be installed on the game's directory directly. It should auto detect it, if not you still have the option to manually enter it. 4. Accepting the license That's the MOST important step, no joke, you have to accept our license 5. Running the game The only required thing to access the ScriptHook features it to run the game, smart move no? We are hooking the DirectInput DLL to run the mod itself without specific action If everythings worked you should finally have the following screen with a message stating that Multiplayer Capabilities are disabled while using the ScriptHook (no cheats allowed, sorry folks) That's all! You can either activate the console by using F1 or the default trainer with F4. Enjoy your new playground and feel free to share feedbacks with your beloved modding team
  3. Helllo everyone! As we’ve announced in the last dev blog we’ve been working hard on a Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook which will allow you to experience the game in (chaotic) ways you surely haven’t seen before. We want to share some more details as well as new exciting progress with you. Trainer Included We already showed a sneak peek of the ScriptHook console in the last announcement. However, consoles with lots of text are scary and not easy to use, so there has been a new addition to the mod: A UI-Based and customizable menu feature. Currently the Trainer menu will allow you to become invincible, have unlimited ammo, get any weapon available in the game (even WD1 weapons!), as well as spawning and repairing any vehicle (such as unused bicycles). You can also try unused weather presets and change the time of day. There are more features on the way! If you have any ideas for more features we should include in the release, please let us know right here in the forums or in Discord! And even if a feature is missing: With custom scripts, menu functionality is fully customizable using Lua, with the initial release supporting Submenus, Buttons and Checkboxes and more on the horizon, meaning virtually infinite possibilities for menus which anyone will be able to install! The Trainer script is fully written in Lua. Sidenote: Wanna know what happens when you spawn a ton of cars? Guess what. ScriptHook Console At the moment, the ScriptHook Console offers everything the Trainer menu can do, with some additional commands: You can spawn any archetype in the game, change your player model to other NPCs (or even animals), teleport to any position and even execute fully custom Lua snippets that run within the Game’s scripting environment. Early Access Program As we mentioned we are planning to open our Early Access program for WD2SH soon, which means we are looking for people eager to try out every feature and report feedback on what works, what not and what is missing. If you’re interested, apply here for your chance to try it early: https://forms.gle/AeN6pYYBBsmiB78F8 15 (Note: As this is an early in-development version, bugs and crashes are expected, as well as a reduced feature set) You should probably also join our Discord Server 3, if you haven’t already, which is where we’ll manage the Early Access Program and announce new updates and progress. After we’ve ironed out any major bugs reported by our testers, we’ll do a public release some time this April! Note though that you will need to legitimately own the game on Uplay (Steam version not yet supported) to run the mod. You also won’t be able to play online, for obvious reasons. Still, the Trainer offers enough fun in Singleplayer! Watch what happens if you spawn about… 2 well, a lot of helicopters in one spot:
  4. Dear Community, it has been exactly one year since we last shared our ongoing plans, ongoing projects and activity around the Nomad Group. We know it has been rude for all of you not to have any insight, clue or at least information about what was going under the hood, reasons being that we weren’t able to talk about it at all, without taking the risk to lose the opportunity we’re going to address in this post. However, it has been productive times: we deeply improved our Nomad Framework, which is our base for all ongoing projects, mods and applications. It features what most of our implementations require: GUI, scripting, networking, memory patches and hooking, etc and is game-agnostic (meaning that we could open-source it at some point, driving some community and open-source interest in developing and improving it). Nomad x Ubisoft Most of you already know that, back in 2018, we were working on a Watch Dogs 2: Multiplayer mod, however we faced some problems while reversing the game (mainly considering that the codebase/engine hasn’t been publicly documented/reversed that much, and thus had a lot of things to figure out on our own). Moreover, there was a risk that the project might be taken down due to not having a principal ‘go’ from Ubisoft for creating such a modification for their game. Then, the project was put on hold until the day when we finally got a contact inside the Open Innovation department at Ubisoft, we introduced our idea about WD2:MP and how open modding for games could deeply disrupt and bring even more value for all parties. After a few back-and-forth (business, legal, innovation, direction team were all involved in the discussions), Ubisoft finally gave a “Go” for our first collaboration with them. During the summer, it was decided that we were all going to meet the Watch Dogs team in Toronto, Canada in early October 2019. After a first meeting in Paris, the Core team flew to Canada for a 3 days trip where we met the whole team, shared our visions about what a open/scriptable multiplayer should be. And now, a few months after, we can finally say: We did it! We managed to arrange an agreement. They officially allowed us to collaborate with them on mods for the Watch_Dogs franchise. This is a huge step forward for not only for the Watch_Dogs Modding community, but also for the whole modding community worldwide. Our first implementation of a mod is going to be a Script Hook for WD2, probably followed by some resource editor and maybe some multiplayer experience. All of them with Ubisoft’s approval. So after all, we are just starting. This is hopefully the first step for a deep and engaged collaboration on multiple sides between Ubisoft and Nomad Group and we cannot wait to see what’s for the road ahead! Watch Dogs 2: Script Hook At the same time, you will find here a few informations about our WD2SH. It features: Lua Scripting System Hooking Sample Trainer Script Virtual File System Hooking Built-In Console Of course, it will be only compatible with legit-owned versions of the game. We are reopening the WD2-related channels on our Discord server, thus opening our scripting related section in the forum. Let us introduce the first screenshots of our Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook: Here we have an example of the built-in console, showing some of the available commands (principaly oriented on loading/unloading/reloading resources) and some builtin command as well: teleport, spawning entity by passing the archetype information, controlling environment etc… Just a sample of spawning some helicopter. The core concept of our ScriptHook is to detour the engine’s Lua scripting layer to the ScriptHook and register all functions to it. This way you can access Lua commands from the game while also accessing those of script packages at the same time, so there no longer the reason to duplicate code across scripts. Release Date We still have to sort some internal stuff, either technical or more administrative with Ubisoft directly but it will definitely be in April 2020! We will soon offer a few of you to join our Early Access program to make some QA test with feedback loops before it will be released to the public.
  5. Good local time of day everyone! After last week has not been eventful enough for a full Dev Blog entry this week we again have some things to share with you. Firstly, there have been several improvements to NomadFX. We’ve greatly improved startup performance by caching the results of some certain expensive operations so they don’t have to be run every time the game is launched. We’ve also moved to an updated compiler which allows for better code optimization and thus better runtime performance and done some general code and build improvements. Furthermore, we’ve conducted some internal theoretical planning for our mods and frameworks. We are not quite happy with our current speed of progress so we’ve decided to improve our internal workflow by setting up weekly roadmaps. These roadmaps will contain key points that we’d like to work on during that week. We’re hoping that this will help us stay focused on important targets which are required to be implemented properly. This should speed up development and boost general motivation to work on our mods. We hope this Blog entry gave you an idea of what we’re trying to do to achieve better overall productivity. As before most work will be done directly on NomadFX which in turn will power all of our mods, so work done on NomadFX will benefit all current and possibly future mods. See you next week!
  6. Welcome back to our fourth Development Blog! This week there again has been some more progress which we’re now going to share with you. As usual there has been lots of progress on NomadFX, our new common library for hooking, rendering, resource management and way more. There have been improvements to the DirectX 9 rendering pipeline as well as our hooking library, internally called NomadIO, which received some clean-ups, and more internal improvements. We’ve started updating our networking library to use Valve’s GameNetworkingSockets 7 library, replacing ENet which is the library we’ve been using before. This is important to us since our mods are focused around multiplayer and as such we require a stable, fast and secure networking implementation. The switch will allow us to create a better multiplayer experience for our mods and opens up the possibility of easily integrating Steam features such as direct join. More progress has been done on NomadFX UI, our unified UI framework for all our mods, and we’re excited to share a screenshot of what the M2Plus UI might look like: Keep in mind that this is a very early concept and we might still change things around. Let us know what you think of the current design! Finally, we’ve finished moving our infrastructure server to a new host. As mentioned in the previous Dev Blog the server will be used to build, test and later host our mods. And that’s all we have to share for this week! With some team members being back from vacation there certainly has been more progress than last week. See you next week!
  7. Hello and welcome to our third Development Blog! This week has not been as eventful as the previous ones but there was still some important progress. We’ve started porting parts of M2Plus to build on top of our new NomadFX framework, which is now able to launch and host both M2Plus and, finally, WD2MP, which took many weeks to get to launch due to some obscure handling in the game’s engine. In the future more and more features of the mod’s codebases will be integrated into NomadFX. Furthermore there have been some fixes and improvements to the internal communication between Host and Uplay and some structural code changes. As already stated in the introduction there hasn’t been as much progress done this week in comparison to the previous weeks but that is to be expected from hobby-driven collaborative projects such as this one. It doesn’t mean we lost interest in the project, it just means we’ve been more busy with our personal lives this week; some of the team members have also been on vacation. Progress comes and goes. We are steadily working on NomadFX in preparation for the future.

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