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  1. Police and Faction Overhaul v2.5

    The latest version of the Police and Faction overhaul mod.
    If you don't know what this mod does, I included a full changelog in the RAR file. 
    Some of the main things that come to mind though are:
    - The FBI now shows up during prolongued heat 5 chases, including Grenadiers and Jammer enemies which normally only show up in missions.
    - Additional weapons have been distributed amongst the police and gangs, including some of the unused WD1 ones such as the MP5 and 416.
    - The entire heat level system has been changed up, it now takes longer for heat levels to go up but each individual level will get more difficult as you retaliate against law enforcement.
    - A lot of the Umeni and law enforcement NPCs have seen changes made to their outfits and police cars and stations have received some new textures.
    - Searches now last longer, cover a wider area and have more roadblocks but the cops themselves have less 6th sense compared to the original game.
    Police and Faction Overhaul v2.5.rar


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